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We Cannot Frack Our Way to Energy Security!

Don't Let Big Oil Change the Conversation — We Want, We NEED Renewables! 

Big Oil & Gas is at it again!

They are confusing the discussions about renewables and energy efficiency.

Here's How:
The Parliament's Industry Committee is currently debating a report on how the European Union can achieve "energy security".

The Parliament's first draft states that "a long-term strategy for developing indigenous energy sources should be further promoted in the EU". The draft report adds that "any energy source that might contribute to energy security in the Union should be taken into account and developed in full compliance with environmental requirements".

Unfortunately, "indigenous energy sources" are code words for "shale gas" and other unconventional fossil fuels. This is part of Big Oil & Gas' plans to confuse the discussions about renewables and energy efficiency by adding, for example, shale gas to the (energy) mix.

Luckily, some Members of the European Parliament submitted amendments that support a moratorium on shale gas, which gives European anti-fracking groups a chance to fight back.

What you can do:
Write to your Member and tell them, "Shale gas cannot be part of the EU’s attempts to achieve better energy security!"

Who Is Next to Take a Stand Against Fracking

Call on the Members of the European Parliament who sit in the Parliament's Industry Committee to support a moratorium on fracking!

Fracking will not only ruin our climate, water, air and health, it will also fail to address the EU’s growing reliance on fossil fuel imports in general and gas from unreliable suppliers in particular!

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